Hello fam! We have made it our goal to bring you wedding inspiration every day either from the bride, bridesmaid or guest angle. So no matter which category you need ideas for, you are fully covered. Hence, why we have this feature up today.

These dresses from the Ethereal Collection- Woman in Gold by Ophelia Crossland and accessorized with a variety of headpieces from Velma Accessories‘s- She is a queen collection will give you a good idea on how to keep it chic as a wedding guest or even for a court wedding. These dresses are beautifully modelled by Ghanaian Actress, Joselyn Dumas.

Let’s get into the dresses and pin our favourite outfits.

This outfit will make such a perfect but stylish guest look, the headpiece adds the extra beauty to the look. The colour, details and chic stylish will give you that stunning effect on people.

Okay, this particular outfit can be either be rocked as a pre-wedding outfit or as a reception look. And if you are that wedding guest with the extra eyes, then we can certainly see you rocking this.

Now, this is a perfect court wedding look. The colour of the dress, the beauty of the headpiece plus the details of the neckpiece, hmm, just perfect!

Love any of these dresses, tell us your pick in the comments and hey, don’t forget to pin.

Belle: @joselyn_dumas
Dress: @ophelia_crossland
Crown: @velmasaccessories
Makeup: @alexandrinmakeup
Photography: @gilbertasante