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Queen Sarah

WGE19 Hand beaded high crown headpiece made with Brazilian beads, sequences and pearls Color: Champagne…

Princess Alethea

WGE10 Headband made with crystal beads and mesh Color: Ivory  

Queen Edith

WGE9 Classic crown made with handmade petals and crystals Color: Burgundy

Queen Sherry

WGE8 Intricate 3D crown headband made with handmade silk flowers, sequence and beads. Color: Nude…

Ivy Blue

WGE7 Feather headpiece made with metallic leaves, feathers and crystals. Color: Metallic Pink / Baby…

Lady Pearl

WGE6 Intricate 3D pearl headpiece Color: Cream and Gold
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WGE5 Handcrafted headpiece made with silk chiffon, pearls, handcrafted florals, beads and rhinestones. Color: Cream/…

Queen Yayra

WGE4 High crown headpiece made with brocade and Brazilian beads and crystals. Color: Rose Gold/…

Ice Pink

WGE3 Recycled headpiece handcrafted with raw plastic with handmade flowers, sequence, brocade and Sinamay. Color:…


WGE2 Turban headband made with brocade and a single brooch. Color: Rose Gold


WGE1 Turban Headband embellished with brocade, beads, pearls and crystals. Color: Rose Gold

Sandy Headpiece

BB2 Chained balls metallic headband Color: Peach and Gold
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