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On the FASCINATOR-ing lands of Beauty, the dames arrive to parade themselves in an ensemble with Grace and Style, riding on the Wings of PASTEL with the spice on the ice of BURGUNDY.

With mesmerising strength and cloaks of confidence, they stealthily array their Arrows of FEATHERS with its silky touch, gentle on the skin.

The voice of detailing echoes even through the Bronze Breastplates of Brocade engraved within the stripes of SINAMAY.

The enchanted swords of SEQUENCE erected on the horns of fantasies. The perfect cloak – The Clothing of Elegance.   

   “ALL HAIL” The Spears on The CRYSTAL BALLS.                   

Defying the edges of Beauty along with its Array of RECYCLED PLASTIC.  

And right here on the battle grounds of Beauty, they Pledge to remain Entangled in the arms of   Belle.

Here Comes The Bride” – they say

We at Velma’s Millinery & Accessories say

– “Here Comes The Warriors of The Bride!”

A Toast to The Warriors of Femininity!


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